Lebanon’s 2009 Elections, the Cedar Revolution and Obama’s Syria Card

David Schenker

David Schenker

Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Director, Program on Arab Politics

On Sunday March 15, David Schenker talked with Sunday Global Review host Webster Brooks about the upcoming June 2009 parliamentary elections in Lebanon. With the Hizbollah/AMAL list challenging the March 14th Cedar Revolution Movement’s parliamentary majority, a great deal is at stake in the elections. During her recent visit to the Middle East by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dispatched two U.S. diplomats to Syria. The Obama administration’s overtures to Syrian President Bashar al Assad has fueled speculation that the U.S. seeks to end Syria’s diplomatic isolation and probe for an opening to wedge the Syrian-Iranian axis. David Schenker just returned from the Levant and shares his views on the 2009 Lebanese elections, Hizbollah and Syria’s role in Lebanon and the Obama administration’s entreaty to Damascus.


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