Brooks Sunday Global Review Interview With Sabina Dewan: President Obama and the G-20 Summit

Sabina Dewan

Sabina Dewan


On Sunday, April 5 Ms. Sabina Dewan, Associate Director of International Economic Policy at the Center for American Progress discussed the critical outcomes of the London G-20 Summit and President Obama’s role in the proceedings. Ms. Dewan is a co-author of the Center for American Progress’s recently releasedbriefing paper “The Case for Leadership: Strengthening the Group of 20 to Tackle Key Global Crises.”

Ms. Dewan works on economic issues ranging from the role of globalization to international trade and technology; the nexus between innovation, productivity and growth, to the role that development assistance, monetary policy and international financial institutions play in raising living standards around the globe. Prior to joining American Progress, Sabina was a research analyst at the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland where she worked on various projects promoting the ILO’s decent work agenda within the context of globalization and international development. She then worked as an independent consultant based in Brussels, Belgium undertaking a variety of projects for institutions including the ILO Regional Office in Thailand and the Directorate-general on Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the European Commission.


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